What are the general requirements to become a diver?

Like for many sports, you need to be in good health. As diving is an extreme sport, the FFESSM requires a medical certificate form in the required FFESSM format the doctor each year stating that you have no health issues with regard to diving.

Do I need a health insurance for diving?

We recommend checking with your health insurance provider if diving-related treatments are covered. This especially counts for hyperbaric chamber treatment and rescue transport from remote locations (e.g. when being on a dive cruise out in the ocean).

I have a PADI OW/AWO - can I join the club?

Yes, you can, however you are limited by the French CMAS system and the equivalent of your level.

I have a PADI / SSI diving licence but want to continue in CMAS - Is this possible?

Yes. To continue in CMAS with the next higher diving level, you first have to do a passarell of your PADI / SSI licence to the equivalent CMAS one. Which is done by a shortened form of the exam/practical test. A small fee has to be paid for it. See the prices HERE

What are the prerogatives for each CMAS level?

 With Dive InstructorWith DP on siteWithout DP
N1 - CMAS*20 m-
N2 - CMAS **40 m20 m-
N3 - CMAS*** (and higher)60 m60 m40 m

How much does it cost to buy diving equipment for the N1 school?

The club provides to you: regulator, tank and BCD. So you have to buy mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, shoes, (socks), weights, weight belt and a dive suit. For the lake it is recommend to go for 7 mm full dive suit and a 5 mm shorty on top. Depending on where you buy it, this can cost around 500 Euros.